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Festival of Books

2014 Festival of Books USC2014 Festival of Books USC

April 12, 2014

When the Festival of Books started in 1996, its goal was to bring together the people who create books with the people who love to read them. With over 150,000 people attending each year, the Festival of Books has been a great success and has grown over the years to include live bands, poetry readings, entertainment and health education. On behalf of the CTVIP, Hope Velarde hosted a concussion education booth. The importance of helmet safety was demonstrated using watermelons and helmets. Watermelons were strapped into a helmet and dropped on the floor simulating a crash with impact to the head. The watermelon either sustained no injuries or minimal injuries. The watermelon was also dropped without a helmet, simulating a crash without the protective factor a helmet provides. Without the helmet, the watermelons cracked or split wide open; mimicking the potential effects to someone’s skull if they were involved in an accident without a helmet. The demonstrations were interactive, educational and highlighted the importance of helmet safety! 2014 Festival of Books USC

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