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Violence, Guns & Gun Safety

USC CTVIP Gun Safety

April 24, 2015

The CTVIP held its very first “Violence, Guns & Gun Safety” presentation to the students at Kipp Charter Middle School in Boyle Heights. This presentation aimed to educate students about the different signs of violence and conflict resolution. It also aimed to teach the importance of gun safety, what to do if you see a gun on campus and the importance of safe gun storage for guns in the household. One of the most influential aspects of this presentation is the use of our key note speaker. Our speaker, Javier, is from Homeboy Industries. He shared his personal testimony of growing up surrounded by violence and how it has affected his life. Student are able to see firsthand, the devastating effects of violence. His story urges students to consider a life outside of violence. We were able to reach over 600 students at Kipp Charter Middle School, our goal is to continue to reach as many students as possible. If you would like us to bring this presentation to your school, please email USC CTVIP Gun Safety

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