Keck School of Medicine of USC


The overall mission of the CTVIP focuses on leveraging the academic talent at USC to create an environment where multiple disciplines can come together to research the causes and effects of injury, and develop empirically based social and psychological interventions.

Goals of our Center

» To build the infrastructure necessary to develop and apply violence prevention strategies in a partnership between the university and the community.
» To study how trauma and violence occurs, and how it can be more effectively prevented.
» To reach out to victims of violent acts through education and psychological support in an attempt to decrease the rates of re-injury, retaliatory injuries, and injury complications.
» To promote interdisciplinary research strategies by fostering collaborations between academic researchers and community stakeholders.
» To identify, promote, and participate in community based projects and programs while studying their effectiveness, providing support and technical assistance.

If you would like to help the CTVIP fulfill its mission statement, please consider making a donation to the CTVIP. With your gift, together we can continue to make a lasting and positive impact in our community.

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