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National Night Out 2014

USC CTVIP National Night Out

August 5, 2014

Every first Tuesday of August, “National Night Out” is hosted to promote involvement in crime prevention activities, police-community partnerships and neighborhood safety. On August 5, the Los Angeles Police Department, National Night Out Organization, and communities around the nation participated in “National Night Out.” The “National Night Out” event included a variety of community organizations promoting safety in the neighborhood. CTVIP’s Community CPR teamed up with LAPD for “National Night Out” to promote community safety. The Community CPR team successfully trained adults and children in the surrounding community in hands only CPR through education and hand-only demonstrations. The event also included a neighborhood walk led by two motorcycle police escorts to promote awareness and enhance community relations. The Community CPR team had a great time training the community and promoting community camaraderie and safety. The team looks forward to next years “National Night Out!”

USC CTVIP National Night Out USC CTVIP National Night Out

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