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Safe Kids Walk-This-Way

Safe Kids Walk-This-Way CTVIP

September 3, 2012

Dr. Kelly Katzberg, Shot Namoto, RN, Robert Carreon, RN and Graciela Magana, NP participated in a Safekids Walk-This-Way event at St. Dominick's School in Eagle Rock on behalf of USC's Center for Trauma, Violence and Injury Prevention (CTVIP) on Sept 3rd, 2012. Along with the LAFD, LASD, FedEx and the trauma programs from LAC+USC, HUCLA, California Hospital, Huntington Hospital and Long Beach Memorial, they helped train about 200 kids pre-K through 8th grade on pedestrian safety, Halloween Safety and proper car/booster seat usage. The event was very successful with lots of great feedback from kids, teachers and parents. They look forward to taking interested faculty and residents with them to future events!

If you would like to help the CTVIP fulfill its mission statement, please consider making a donation to the CTVIP. With your gift, together we can continue to make a lasting and positive impact in our community.

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